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Mail Client Auto Configuration
Mr Smith, I am part of a dedicated team, here to assist you and your organization with your Email experience.
The Mail Autoconfig tool is located in the Mail section of your cPanel and will allow you to easily configure your email accounts in your mail clients. It is designed to work for the most commonly used email clients: a)Thunderbird b)Outlook
Once you have created an email account go to Mail Autoconfig, click on the mail client you are using and follow the on-screen instructions.
Your username is
Your password is 1xdfghjklme .
For Thunderbird and Outlook, the tool will ask you to choose a domain name. Clicking on the Submit button will generate a file on the server which will include all of the required settings except your password and username. You can then open Thunderbird or Outlook on your computer and enter only your email account and password. The rest of the settings your mail client will gather from the autoconfig/autodiscover file kept on the server.
We will be glad to see you in the future.
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Joe Downes
Support Specialist
Searcha Limited
146 Big Barn Lane
London, Nottinghamshire

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